For all of you dog-lovers out there, this blog post is dedicated to you and your four-legged furry friends! For this blog I am going to post some of the benefits owning a dog has and what you can do to share the love with them as well. So let’s spring right into the mutual benefits that having man’s best friend can reap!


Benefits for You!

  1. You’ll Exercise More

  2. You’ll Feel Less Stressed

  3. Your Social Life May Improve

  4. You May Detect Cancer Sooner

  5. Your Kids Will Be Less Like to Have Allergies

  6. Your Heart Will Be Healthier

  7. You’re Less Likely to Feel Depressed

  8. You Can Grow Old Gracefully

  9. Your Risk for General Illness Decreases

  10. You’ll Feel Safer

So what can you do for your doggo since they give you so many personal benefits? I’ll follow my trend and list 8 things that will help you keep your dogs more satisfied.

How You Can Reward Your Dog!

  1. Rotate Toys
  2. Go On Walks
  3. Train Obedience
  4. Teach New Tricks
  5. Maintain a Healthy Weight
  6. Play More
  7. Verbal and Physical Praise
  8. Try New Treats

Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.
— K. Friedman

So there you have it. If you have a dog, now you know why they make you so dang happy and for those of you who don’t you should probably get one or five. But like a human, dogs also deserve to be treated right and these simple tips can greatly improve you and your dog’s overall well-being. Have a good week, from the IPG team and our furry friends to you and yours!