Busy Bees


I drove by the new 2.4 million square foot Amazon facility just west of the Salt Lake International airport a couple of days ago.  What a site, literally. 

The speed at which this 840,000 SF footprint building has risen from the ground is quite astounding.  With 70 facilities and nearly 100 million square feet under roof, I suppose Amazon has learned a thing or two about hiring the right teams.  Velocity and organization are now the new norms of what individuals and business entities expect now.  You go online, you press “one-click” ordering and the package shows up.  Clients are expecting that same type of service now in other areas, healthcare, groceries, mortgage loans…real estate services too.

The stakes are high, the demands are real and the opportunities are immense.  I hope in all our “busy-ness”, we can take time to slow it down, to focus on the things that are important to us, family, friends, a higher calling, whatever that may be for you. 

Amazon Fulfilment centers.JPG

Industrial and supply chain real estate expected to soar in 2018


Low vacancy rates and high demand for warehouse space are forming perfect conditions for the industrial sector in 2018.  The trends unfolding that should make 2018 a banner year for industrial real estate –

1-The three Ts of Trump – Trade, Tax and Transportation infrastructure.

2-E-commerce continues to set records. 

3-Urban logistics move closer to the customer.

4-Continued investment in the darling of U.S. real estate. 

5-The Fourth Industrial Revolution is well underway.

To see full article, visit:  http://www.logisticsmgmt.com/article/industrial_and_supply_chain_real_estate_expected_to_soar_in_2018


Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! (Did you just sing that along with me?) As we get closer and closer to Christmas it seems like the days get fuller, the nights colder and the holiday spirit hums near a fever pitch- especially if you have children. But the other amazing thing that happens this time of year is that we tend to instinctively turn outward. We hunt for the perfect present for each of our loved ones. We even make sure to give neighbors and friends a token of what they have meant to us in the last year. And we tend to be more charitable than we are most other times of the year. At IPG we have also been feeling the urge to turn our hearts outward toward our fellow man. We have been trying to find ways to impact the lives of others in large and small ways, and at the same time trying to find more love and charity within ourselves. It is said that by small and simple things- great things shall come to pass. Who has not felt the ripples caused by a positive act? Whether it is a stranger who purchases breakfast for a restaurant full of patrons, a benevolent stranger who pays off $10,000 in layaways, or just a smile and help with a door in a crowded shopping center, these acts tend to create ripples of positive energy that radiate out and affect others.   In this New Year, our IPG team has decided to commit ourselves to being the stones that create the positive ripples in others’ lives. Our acts might not always be big and most of the time they will be anonymous, but we hope that they have a positive impact on not just our team but those who are touched by the positive ripples of our actions. You never can underestimate the power that a simple act can have on another. We hope that you can join with us and help us create positive moments in the lives of others.


Happy Thanksgiving!


We just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from our Team to Yours! We are so thankful for our association with our friends, colleagues, and clients and we hope that you have a wonderful Holiday weekend! 

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Mygrant Glass Salt Lake City Groundbreaking


Groundbreaking pictures.jpg

Breaking Ground! Yesterday was an exciting day in Salt Lake City as Mygrant Glass broke ground on their new distribution facility. Congratulations to Michael for putting the deal together and congratulations Mygrant Glass for the exciting new move!!

Groundbreaking pictures 2.jpg
Groundbreaking pictures 4.jpg