The U.S. General Services Administration will be giving the old SLC Motor Pool Building to a private developer in exchange for updating the Ogden's Federal Building on 324 25th Street. 

The Motor Pool Building is on a 1.54 acre lot at 330 E 200 S and has been previously used as storage space for the FBI. The city hopes to have the prospected developer build housing units with a mixture of retail and open space.

The request by the GSA calls for a developer who is committed to not only revamping the lot in Salt lake but also modernizing and updating the Ogden building as well. It's a chance to invest and reinvent the area no only in Salt Lake but in Ogden as well. 

October 9th is the date potential interested developers will meet at the motor-pool site. They will be meeting at 9:30 a.m. 

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