>What would you do if you were driving down a busy two lane highway and saw
a single woman with moving boxes scattered over the roadway?

If you were Adam Maher you would not think twice about stopping
immediately and risking life and limb to retrieve said boxes from the
middle of the road!  Mr. Maher is a friend and client of IPG who joined us
for a recent river trip in Moab.  On the way back to Salt Lake City we
came upon a women who was moving across country by herself.  She had what
appeared to be a travelling swap meet precariously tied down to the top of
her aging Ford Explorer.  When we arrived, half of the contents of her
boxes (including Grandma's glassware, knick knacks, etc.) had been
pulverized into the ground by several passing motorists.  But this did not
stop Adam from being of service.  He collected what he could, boxed it
back up and started the process of re-securing her load.

It was inspiring and at the same time tense to watch as semi-tractors
would fly by at freeway speeds just feet from where our cars were parked
on the narrow shoulder.  What was most impressive was the true act of
kindness and selflessness demonstrated by Adam.  We hope to be a little
bit more like him in the way we treat everybody, from our friends, our
clients, our families, and yes even people we have never met, nor may see

Thanks Adam for showing us what True Service looks like!