Salt Lake has long been known for its nickname as the “Crossroads of the West.” This title was true in the days of wagon trails and remains true in the transportation needs of today.  In studying the “Path of Goods Movement” Dr. Glenn Mueller of the University of Denver has analyzed the warehouse demand throughout cities across the U.S. to identify the best locations for warehouse distribution centers. The national average of warehouse square feet per person is now 54, increasing up from 37 back in 1981. The study determines that those cities with an average above 50 square feet per person are located on the Path of Goods Movement and are national warehouse markets.  At 69 square feet per person, Salt Lake City continues to be located on the major pathway for goods as both truck and train travel through on their way to other markets.  Dr. Mueller concludes that “National warehouse markets are more stable as they have grown faster and have had consistently higher occupancies than local warehouse markets – as they are on the Path of Goods Movement and thus a good place to focus real estate investments. “   Link to the full paper