Mygrant Glass Salt Lake City Groundbreaking


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Breaking Ground! Yesterday was an exciting day in Salt Lake City as Mygrant Glass broke ground on their new distribution facility. Congratulations to Michael for putting the deal together and congratulations Mygrant Glass for the exciting new move!!

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Stadler breaks ground on railcar manufacturing plant


Switzerland-based train manufacturer, Stadler Rail, recently announced their plans to build a new major manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City.  This new North American headquarters at 150 South 5600 West will cover 63 acres and house a state-of-the-art train manufacturing center, over a mile of rail test track, and will eventually include a million-square –foot campus and 1,000 direct jobs.    

Phase one will begin early next year with the installation of utilities and the construction of access roads and a manufacturing plant with an office building. Over the next decade, the plant can expand in modular sections to accommodate client orders.

IPG Commercial was honored to represent Stadler in the transaction.

(Al Hartmann | The Salt Lake Tribune) Swiss chorus "Edelweiss," a local musical group, greets guests to a groundbreaking ceremony for a new Stadler plant on Friday, Oct. 13. Company officers and Utah leaders toured one of Stadler's new TEXRail trains in the background.

(Al Hartmann | The Salt Lake Tribune) Swiss chorus "Edelweiss," a local musical group, greets guests to a groundbreaking ceremony for a new Stadler plant on Friday, Oct. 13. Company officers and Utah leaders toured one of Stadler's new TEXRail trains in the background.

Busy Times for Everyone!



Holy Moly!!! (As my wife likes to say) This has been another very active and gratifying year so far. I read recently a commentary that said we will look back on this period of time as the "Golden Era" for industrial real estate. It is easy to imagine that being true.  IPG Commercials involvement in several market shaping deals has continued this year as in 2015 and 2016.  The northwest quadrant of Salt Lake City is as exciting of a development area as any I have seen in the entire country.

Our successes have also afforded us the opportunity and pleasure to travel substantially more this year, both for business and pleasure.  I'm headed to Chicago today for the SIOR Fall World Conference, after just returning home late last week from 3 weeks in Europe and Africa.  The big question for me and what I challenge both friends and family to ponder: Is your "busy" getting you where you want and need to be in your life?  Are you fulfilled or depleted, or some of both? I am pushing myself to take responsibility for creating my life and making choices that make my life better and allow me to serve others to hopefully make their lives better as well.

I hope for you joy and gratitude in your search for a balanced "busy".

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Is an inevitable part of life. All things change, grow, overcome and adapt, in fact I think that without change we feel our lives grow stagnant and unproductive. Here at IPG we have made it through our Summer of change. It’s been pretty busy, crazy, and at times not as productive as we would have liked. This summer we said goodbye to 3 amazing people who have been a great part of IPG.  Jacob Ritter was our Summer Intern and was a great help in client relations, Lisa Homel who turned a small 3 month temporary stay with us into an incredible 7 months of amazing progress, and Erica Smith our long time office manager and executive assistant. They each have played an important role in making IPG what it is today and we have and will miss them. But time requires that we move on and we are growing and changing to adapt to our new circumstances. My name is Tammy Zaelit and I am the new Executive Assistant and Office Manager at IPG. While I have only been here for 3 weeks, I cannot help but be impressed by what has been built before I got here and the plans for the future. IPG is a company focused more on people and how we can help them, than we are on just selling Real Estate.   I have been so impressed with how each of our clients are discussed and worried over, trying to make sure that we are filling their needs and the needs of their business in a way that will make their new change into a better and brighter future. Here at IPG we are coming to understand that all great changes are preceded by periods of change. So as the dust settles from our change and we move on to better and brighter things, we are remembering the words of Joe Vitale, “You don’t fear change. You fear the unknown. If you knew the future would be great, you’d welcome the change to get there. Well, the future IS great. Proceed.” We believe that your future is great as well and we look forward to helping you proceed!



Inland Port?


Utah Government leaders at the state, county and city levels are discussing the possibility of an Inland Port. An inland port is an intermodal transportation hub located away from typical coastal ports with access to goods being distributed via air, truck and rail. Utah meets many of the essential criteria required to have an inland port, but more studies and potentially legislative action will be required to determine the ultimate viability of the project.  One of the major positive factors in a port consideration for Utah, "known as the crossroads of the West" already has rail access to four major west coastal ports in Seattle, Portland, Oakland and Los Angeles and has an international airport. 

If an inland port proves to be a viable option for Utah and the required infrastructure can be funded and developed it would be another major force for regional economic development. The best location for the inland port would be in Salt Lake City's NorthWest Quadrant near the airport with the benefit of all the new infrastructure being completed for the new State prison. 

There is a lot of excitement and buzz surrounding the possibility of an inland port here in Utah and the associated real estate development that can and will occur as a result of a new inland port. Give us a call for more information.

A good place to find additional information, studies, and resources in regards to Utah's possible Inland Port found here: