Commercial real estate focused on your business

Simply put, no one else comes close to IPG in customer service and analytic resources. When you partner with IPG, you get a team of award-winning brokers with decades of experience in industrial real estate, plus the industry’s best resources across national markets. Only IPG taps the power of an international network of independent brokers for the most comprehensive market research available. We synthesize data from multiple national and proprietary resources for the most insightful and accurate analysis in the business.

IPG provides comprehensive commercial real estate services nationwide, specializing in industrial properties. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or lease, we can help.

Sure, we like to close deals, but what we really like is helping our customers improve and grow their businesses. We’re focused on taking amazing care of our customers, building mutually beneficial relationships, and having a good time doing it. Don’t be surprised if we work together on multiple projects, year after year.

If you have commercial real estate needs, particularly in the industrial sector, where we have a special knack for knocking it out of the metaphorical ballpark, get in touch and let’s get started.